Thursday, May 9, 2013

Right Now

Life has been a little bit crazy. I love to cook--but gosh, my hobby can take up a lot of time. From scouring the internet for the "perfect" recipe, to multiple grocery store trips in a week and choosing labor intensive recipes a little too often--I need to scale back my hobby a bit. However, scaling back does not mean compromising my values--eating as few processed foods as possible while enjoying meals in my own home. In comes Emeals. Every week I get a menu and grocery list delivered to my inbox. I do not follow it exactly, but it definitely gives me enough structure to limit my grocery store trips and internet treasure hunts. Additionally, most of the recipes are pretty easy and do not consume too much time. Here is what we have and will be having this week. I will try to keep you updated and will maybe share a few of my favorite meals of the week. Keep in mind this is not the exact emeals plan--like for instance, I added mashed turnips because I thought I might need a few carbs. I also really had a craving for wild rice salad since spring is finally here. 

Meal #1: Ginger pork chops with sriracha broccolini and mashed turnips

Meal #2: Dijon chicken breasts with green beans and wild rice salad

Meal #3: Pork carnitas with cilantro cauliflower rice

Meal #4: Grilled lime flank steak with sweet potatoes and wilted spinach

Meal #5: Shrimp and pineapple kabobs with tomato & avocado salad

Once I am a few weeks into this, I might do an Emeals review. I do the Paleo plan, but there are a lot of options for a lot of different diets.