My Food Philosophy

I think about what I eat--To the point that I know I should not read Michael Pollan's books or watch movies about the food industry because I just might take things too far.   That being said--I really enjoy food and in cooking and eating, I strive to find the balance between several goals:

Knowledge--I like to know what I am eating whether cooking for myself or at a restaurant. If I need to break out my college chemistry book to determine what something on a label is, I would rather not eat it.  I eat very little things out of the package for this reason. 

Health--Being healthy is important to me. I find that when eating a well balanced diet, I get sick less, I have more energy and just feel better in general. I try to eat lots of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  I find that planning meals in advance keeps me from eating out and allows me to make sure my diet is nutritionally balanced.

Time--I am in graduate school and do not anticipate life slowing down anytime soon.  During the week I make dinners that are quick and easy to prepare. I pick a couple nights a week and make fairly large meals that are great to take to school for dinner or lunch.  This helps me avoid the cafeteria, which is expensive and does not always offer the healthiest options.  I also like to make things that hold up well in the freezer. 

Exploration--Trying a new recipe or food is an adventure for me.  Unless I have no idea what I am doing, I am not afraid to alter a recipe or improvise as I move through it.  I love when something that belongs to someone else becomes my own unique dish.  Sometimes things do not go as planned, but to me that is part of the fun.  Working with new and strange foods does not intimidate me and neither does trying them.

Community--Good food should be enjoyed with others. I love sharing recipes and enjoying food with my friends and family.  Whenever I find an awesome recipe, my first reaction is to email it to my mom or cousin.  I am hoping to take the communal aspect of food to a new level with this blog.