Sunday, September 26, 2010

Restaurant Review: Town Talk Diner

Saturday night was spent at the Town Talk Diner.  If you have not been, you should go!  This little gem is a diner, with a little bit of foodie fare.

Food:   We started out with meatloaf sliders, which were little baguettes topped with mashed potatoes, savory meatloaf and my favorite part--the tomato marmalade.  The tomato marmalade added a really bold twist to which could have been a very basic appetizer.  I think I could have eaten this appetizer for lunch or something--so good! 

For an entree I enjoyed a smoked pork chop on a bed of beets, fennel, currants, yukon potatoes, apples and bacon.  I was slightly uneasy about the apples and currants, but they added so much flavor! All of the flavors worked really well together--the one thing I would have taken out is the bacon.  As much as I love bacon, it was just a little too much pork.

Charlie enjoyed a ribeye on a bed of smashed potatoes, with green beans, braised radishes and red pepper puree.  The steak was incredibly tender and flavorful.  You really can not go wrong with smashed potatoes--but Town Talk's are execeptionally good.  My favorite part of Charlie's meal--the red pepper puree.  I wish I could use it in place of ketchup.  The braised radishes were also suprisingly good.  I do not even like radish--but these were great.  I just might try to mimic them!

We skipped dessert because we were so full...

Service:  One thing about Town Talk is they do not take reservations, so when we got there at about 8 pm, we had a short wait.  It was only 10 minutes, so really not anything to complain about.  Our server was great.  I love when you ask a server for a suggestion and they tell you something definite.  To me it means they are enthusiastic about the food they are serving.  Our server directed both of us to great entrees that we really enjoyed.  He was helpful without being too intrusive.

Prices: Town Talk's prices are great for what you get.  You get a quality meal that is creative and enjoyable for a good price.  The flavor and the presentation make you feel like you should be paying more. The entrees range from $10-$21, so it is possible to enjoy a solid meal that is inexpensive.

Atmosphere:  When you first walk into Town Talk, you feel like you are stepping into trendy diner.  The decor is minimal, which is a nice change from the restaurants that try just a little too hard.  It gets slighly loud, but after awhile you do not even notice it, and it just sort of works.  It is a great spot for people watching--quite the variety!

Town Talk Diner--you should check it out.  I highly recommend!
2707 1/2 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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