Friday, December 3, 2010

Finals time! and a tip.

Well--I don't have much to offer in the cooking department since it is finals time.  However, it is this time of year when the meals I have frozen really come in handy.  It is also great having a boyfriend who will deliver Chipotle with a surprise raspberry torte from Cafe Latte. :)

During finals, one thing I always fall behind on is cleaning.  I feel like I just do not have the time to spare.  On the other hand--I dread going into a messy kitchen and I hate clutter while I study.  Solution--I set the timer for 20 minutes and just clean until the time runs out.  20 minutes is such a small amount of time and it is amazing what you can accomplish.  So if you feeling short on time, but you don't want your house to be a total disaster, this is a great method do get a little done.  

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