Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spinach: Economical, Healthy and Adaptable

In the winter especially, fresh spinach is a pretty regular resident in my fridge.  I love keeping it around because it is pretty inexpensive, it is healthy, and it is extremely adaptable.  I usually purchase a big tub from Costco for around $3.00 a pound.  While that might sound like a lot--a pound of spinach goes a long ways!

Spinach is very healthy and according to Livestrong it is one of the most nutrient dense foods available.  In addition to containing fiber, calcium, and protein--it contains essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin K, maganese and folate.  It is also very low in calories.  Eating spinach is a win-win situation.

Spinach is also very adaptable.  You can make a salad, sautee it in EVOO with salt and pepper, toss it  some sauteed spinach with pasta, cous cous, orzo or brown rice, or you can put it in some marinara sauce. 

Popeye was not kidding when he said to eat your spinach!

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