Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heidi's: A Mini-Review

So last night, Valentine's Day weekend of all weekends, we decided to just drop in at Heidi's for dessert and a drink at about 10:30 on Saturday night.  We were just planning on hanging out at the bar--but the hostess thought she could get us a table.

First of all, I was extremely impressed with the staff. They went out of their way to accommodate two people who just wandered in.  Second, their recommendations were spot-on.  I love dessert wine--however, I am extremely picky about it.  I can't stand when it is overly sweet and syrupy, so I requested something light and crisp--and we ended up with a perfect Amontillado.  We were unsure about desserts--and tried the Yuzu Souffle which was incredible in terms of desserts.  My own choice of Pineapple Napoleon was pretty awesome as well.  Sometimes, when you go to a place and just order dessert, the staff can seem almost annoyed with you because obviously they could make a lot more money if you were ordering dinner and wine, however this was not the case at Heidi's.  Everyone from the hostess, to the server, to the young woman who filled our waters and cleared our plates was extremely gracious and welcoming.  I can't wait to go back for dinner!

Second, the restaurant itself is a pretty neat space.  The first thing I noticed is that you can see into the kitchen--a big draw for someone who likes to cook such as myself.  However--even though you can see in the kitchen, there is something that makes the restaurant have a romantic and classy feeling to it.  These are two elements I feel are missing in a lot of new restaurants--it seems everything is pretty casual, which is fine, but it is nice to feel the need to dress up and go out somewhere.  There were lots of little and unique touches that added a lot to the restaurant---from the over-the-top chandeliers to the unique tree in the center of the dining room.

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