Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Harriet Brewing Company

Awhile back, my mom told me about a brewery located in Minneapolis that was written up in the Star Tribune called Harriet Brewing.  She encouraged me to check it out and I did not get around to it until recently after having Westside, one of Harriet Brewing's beers at a local bar.  It was a Belgian style IPA and I was instantly smitten with the beer.  I am not going to do a lengthy beer review, but I will tell you that Westside is hoppy like an IPA, but with the citrus and freshness of a Belgian.

After some research, I learned that you can't just pop into the liquor store and pick up a six-pack.  Harriet Brewing is small and is not to the point where they are bottling their beers.  However, upon visiting their brewery, you can purchase what is commonly called a "growler."  It is a 64 oz. jug filled with beer and it went great with the steak dinner I made the other night.  The people at Harriet are friendly and glad to sell you their beer.  I definitely will be back, filling up my growler to share with my family over the 4th of July weekend. 

Anyways, I urge you to check out Harriet.  I also urge you to check out Fulton (started by Johnnies for all you CSB/SJU people) or Surly.  These three breweries just might be the beginning of a fantastic craft brew scene in Minnesota, made possible by the passage of a new law.  Not only are you supporting something local, but you will also be at the forefront of a new and hopefully growing scene in Minnesota.

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