Friday, June 3, 2011

The Star Tribune Taste 50

Once again, Rick Nelson from the Star Tribune pointed out 50 people, places and products that make Minnesota a great place for those who enjoy food.  Since I love food, I am using this list as a summer activities guide.  Here are the foods and places that I plan on checking out.

Smack Shack's lobster rolls-- The idea of food trucks really appeals to me for some reason.  When you add lobster, English cucumber and lemon aioli, I am absolutely sold.  I can't wait to check this place out.

Soft-serve ice cream at Pizzeria Lola--I am always up for checking out a pizza place.  I have never really had soft-serve ice cream that I feel compares to the good old hard stuff, but if Rick Nelson says it is good, I am willing to check it out.

Rusty Taco-- I can't wait to check this place out. I have seen it near the St. Paul Trader Joe's and I love tacos in any form. I am particularly excited about this place because they offer flour tortillas (unlike barrio). 

Poppyseed bagels with quark at Common Roots--This one had to make the list since Common Roots is just across the alley from me. I don't know what quark is, but I definitely look forward to trying it!

Mill Valley Kitchen--There are several new restaurants opening in the Twin Cities, and while I would like to try all of them, I am going to aim on getting to the Mill Valley Kitchen to try their apparently nutritious food. One of the biggest reasons I do not like to go out to eat is because I feel like it is hard to make healthy choices.

U-Pick Strawberry Farms--One of my favorite parts of summer is the abundance of berries, which are my favorite fruit.  I think I will like strawberries even more if I can pick them myself.

Dinner theater at Bar La Grassa--I love Bar La Grassa, but I have never sat at the bar outside the kitchen. I can't wait to enjoy Gnocchi with Cauliflower and Orange while watching the chefs work their magic.

The patio at Psycho Suzi's-- There is nothing better than enjoying a mixed drink on a great patio in the summertime in the Twin Cities and I have been hearing about the newly renovated Psycho Suzi's for awhile and am anxious to get over and check it out.  I think I might hop on my bike and venture over to Northeast.

Tin Fish/Sea Salt Eatery-- Did I mention that I like tacos? I most definitely plan on hitting up both of these places on the same day when I do the Fish Taco Bike Crawl on June 18th.  Let's hope for nice weather.

Sanctuary-- Five courses for $35? I am there. 

Anyways--if you live in the Twin Cities make an effort to check out some of the great local establishments that we have. I know that I am so thankful to live in an area where chain restaurants are not my only option!

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