Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marvel Bar & 1029 Bar (aka Smack Shack Lobster Rolls)

Lately I have been on a mission to try Smack Shack Lobster Rolls.  The food truck is in downtown Minneapolis during the week and a couple of Fridays ago we tried to make it and missed it by ten minutes.  Never fear--Smack Shack Lobster Rolls are served at the 1029 Bar on the weekends.  Last night we went, but not before stopping for a cocktail at the Marvel Bar.

What is the Marvel Bar?  It is the newest bar in downtown Minneapolis, located in the heart of the North Loop.  I saw a friend rave about it on Facebook, so we decided to check it out.  They have a number of signature cocktails on their menu--and we loved the two that we tried! There are a few places in the city that claim to have awesome mixologists--La Belle Vie and Prohibition to name a couple.  Frankly, both places serve drinks that are far too sweet for my taste and I struggle at either to find something that is not going to give me a sugar high.  That is definitely not the case at the Marvel Bar--I had a drink called Ever After.  It was made with Gin, Pinot Blanc and two other things that I can't remember, but all you really need to know is that it was fantastic. It was definitely not too sweet, and it was light, but still had a bit of body to it.  Charlie had a deuce deuce made with whiskey, and he loved it. I did not try it because I am not a fan of whiskey under any circumstance.  Anyways--not only were the drinks great, but the bar is beautiful.  From the walls to the floors to the bar itself--everything just really works.  It has a modern feel, yet you can still see a lot of the elements of the old building in it.  Definitely check this place out.  I can't wait to go again and next time I will go on bike as it is right off of the Greenway. 

After the Marvel Bar, we ventured across the river to the 1029 Bar.  I honestly have to admit there may have been a bit of culture shock as the 1029 Bar is just your run of the mill neighborhood bar, complete with bad karaoke and pull tabs.  However--we each had a lobster roll and it was amazing.  There was a generous portion of lobster and the cucumber, lemon and tarragon just gave it an incredibly fresh taste.  I wanted to order another one!

Anyways--all in all, a great night in Minneapolis.  Definitely check out Smack Shack Lobster Rolls and the Marvel Bar, you will not regret either.  In fact--do it all in one night, just like we did and you will see two very different sides of Minneapolis.

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