Friday, October 21, 2011

Posted Calorie Counts in Restaurants--Does it Influence Your Decisions?

So lately, I have been not very good about bringing my lunch to work. As a result, I ended up with lunch from Panera yesterday. To me, Panera did not feel like a bad choice for lunch. Their ingredients seem fresh and there are lots of sandwiches that have good veggies on them. I ordered my sandwich, selecting the Roasted Turkey Artichoke on Foccacia with Artichoke. After I ordered my sandwich, I noticed it was 780 calories. Now I am not a calorie counter, I just actively try to eat healthy every day, but this was shocking to me! I always picture Panera as a healthier choice than McDonald’s, but it is hardly any better. If you order an entire sandwich, the lowest amount of calories clocks in at a 420, with a CafĂ© style smoked turkey sandwich, with really nothing very special about it. I could make something similar at home for half the calories and it would be cheaper too—which is one more reason I need to make my lunch and bring it from home.

So today, because of that calorie display rather than going to Panera or any restaurant for that matter, I went to the grocery store and chose some Progresso vegetable soup with a side salad. When a restaurant posts the amount of calories on their menu, does it influence your decision?

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