Monday, October 3, 2011

Product Recommendation: Oat Revolution

Well—the time has come in my life where I can no longer justify a Luna bar for breakfast. As much as I love them, now that I find myself sitting at a desk in the morning rather than listening to a lecture, I have time to make oatmeal for breakfast. I can hardly think of a breakfast food that is healthier, more convenient or easier to eat at work than oatmeal.  I typically use the Quaker Instant Oats that come in little packets—but I started to rethink purchasing them when I saw so many different varieties that I was spending time contemplating whether to purchase the “Lower Sugar” or the “High Fiber” variety. Oatmeal should not be so complicated—which is why I chose Oat Revolution. Here is why I am sold on Oat Revolution:

The ingredient list is pretty tiny considering it is a packaged food, meaning that it probably is not loaded with weird chemicals.  Yes, there are some artificial flavors and something called guar gum—but hey, it is convenient and there is bound to be some trade-offs.  Regardless—it is 10x better than the ingredient list of Quaker Instant Oats.

I love the packaging—it comes in a narrow box that is fairly small, which makes it great for storing, no matter the size of your workspace.  Five packets come in a box, which makes the box perfect for the work week. Additionally, the packet the oatmeal comes in also acts like a measuring vessel for the water, so you do not needlessly dirty more dishes or be forced to estimate how much water to use.

The texture of the oatmeal is great. It does not feel like hot water dumped on rolled oats, but has a quality that makes you feel like it was labored over for quite some time.  The oatmeal contains flaxseeds, which are both great for you and add to the texture, giving it a bit more substance.  The flavor, I have to admit is a bit strong for my taste.  I have tried both the “Strawberries & Cream” and “Maple & Brown Sugar” variety and both were overwhelmingly strawberry and maple flavored, and maybe a bit sweet. I would prefer a more subtle flavor, but I still like it enough to purchase it and make it my go-to breakfast.

So until I make a big batch of steel cut oats—this is the best solution I have for a decent breakfast.

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