Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skillet-Baked Eggs Courtesy of Bon Appetit

There are things I love about breakfast--and when I say "things" I mostly mean bacon. However, there is nothing better than a perfectly cooked egg.  Egg do not need to be a breakfast only food though. I made this recipe as a salad/appetizer and also as breakfast with the eggs served over sourdough English muffins. This recipe truly takes the egg to a place that I did not know it could go. There are so many different flavors that all just work together perfectly--leeks, lemon, and some spicy red pepper, oh and the egg! I loved how the yolks were hot, but not completely set. I also loved how my dish looked kind of like the picture from Bon Appetite.

Since I did not alter the recipe, I will just link to it. If you make this recipe, I would recommend only eating one egg as this dish is incredibly rich. It also holds up in the fridge overnight rather well. Enjoy!

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