Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Healthy Snacks

I have to admit I love to snack.  When I am studying I think I want to snack because I am bored. However, if I am going to snack--it is better if the snacks are not completely unhealthy.  When I am craving a snack I find that my craving is usually for something sweet, salty, crunchy or savory or any combination of the four.  Here are some suggestions for healthy snacking:

Pretzels--I love Trader Joe's giant sour dough pretzels with sweet & spicy mustard.

Pistachios--They are not only delicious but healthy too.  A serving is about 50 nuts and is only 170 calories.  Additionally the nuts have some essential vitamins and minerals along with 10% of the fiber you need each day.

Kashi crackers with Babybel cheese triangles-- Just about anything from Kashi is at least a little bit good for you and one of those Babybel cheese triangles goes a long ways when spreading it on crackers.

Dried Mango slices-- I normally don't like dried fruit because the texture weirds me out, but dried mango slices remind me of fruit roll-ups, which I loved as a child.  I am pretty sure that if someone told me dried mango slices were candy as a child, I would have believed them. They are about 20-30 calories per slice, and contain a ton of Vitamin A.

Craisins-- I don't like raisins, but I love Craisins.  You can eat 1/3 cup for Craisins for about 130 calories and you also get a ton of fiber.

Dark chocolate-- When I want something rich and indulgent, dark chocolate does the trick.  It also contains antioxidants which are good for you.

Frozen grapes-- They are like little frozen popsicles. I love them.

Cut up veggies-- I love dipping them in hummus, or plain yogurt flavored with some herbs.

Whole wheat pita bread--  I love pita bread and hummus or pita bread with tzatziki (a Greek dip made with cucumbers, garlic and Greek yogurt).

Popcorn-- This is a snack from the Biggest Loser Cookbook.  Make some air-popped popcorn (or buy some plain popcorn) and toss with miniature chocolate chips, craisins and whole wheat chex cereal.

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