Saturday, March 12, 2011

Restaurant Review: Bar La Grassa

Last night marked my second trip to Bar La Grassa. I am a pretty lucky girl if I do say so myself! My mom is visiting the Twin Cities and she loves BLG so off we went along with one another dining companion.

At Bar La Grassa you can order either half or full orders of pasta. My mom and I both love trying food, so we decided to try four half orders. However to start with we had charred red onion bruschetta with goat cheese. It was delicious--I loved the flavors of the goat cheese and onion together. Yum!

One of our favorites was the calamarta with raw tuna. The tuna was top notch and the pasta just had a little bit of kick to it which I love. My personal favorite was the gnocchi with cauliflower and orange. We also had orreccheti with braised rabbit and a pasta I loved before--mushroom agnolotti with red wine butter sauce.

The atmosphere is lively, a little loud at times--really what an Italian restaurant should be. I loved the exposed brick and the rough looking wood. Our server was good but, not particularly memorable--but for me that is okay, the spotlight should be on the food. The prices are also pretty good--for me, I mostly like to try the food, I do not like huge portions and hate feeling like overly stuffed, so Bar La Grassa is great for me because the prices allow me to do what I love--try the food.  I strongly urge you to check it out--but make a reservation in advance so you don't end up like Bob Harper, pleading and begging for a table to have one of the best meals in town.

On the menu tonight is Lucia's--an old favorite that is always a good bet!

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