Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beer review: Futhermore

While I love food--there is nothing that compliments a great meal like a glass of wine or a beer. Over the last year especially, I have really developed a taste for craft brews.  I have really enjoyed it and have came across some great brews. The other night I went to a "Meet the Brewer" event at Common Roots and was pleasantly surprised by Furthermore's tasty creations.  I had the privilege of trying two of them: Knot Stock and Fatty Boombalatty. Now keep in mind, I am not an expert in beer and I do not claim to be. I simply like to drink them and I hope at the very least my post encourages you to try something new!

Fatty Boombalatty: This is Furthermore's summer/spring beer. I was skeptical because generally I think spring beers are okay, but I am hard pressed to think of one summer beer that I enjoy (besides one which shall remain nameless).  Anyways--I was pleasantly surprised by this Belgian White/India Pale Ale.  As I understand it, Belgian Whites are usually a bit sweeter and often have a citrus-like taste to them. India Pale Ales tend to have a sharp taste that hits you and is pretty bold. The neat thing about a beer like this one--it took the best of both worlds and combined them in one beer. When the brewer told us about this beer--I thought it would be awesome or awful and it was definitely awesome. It is definitely more crisp than it is sweet, but there is still that sweet taste that lingers a bit. I really enjoyed it and this beer will be great to break out during the lovely summer BBQs that I am looking forward to.

Knot Stock: I was instantly intrigued by this American Pale Ale which is infused with black pepper. I love flavor and spice and was really excited to taste the combination of hops and black pepper.  The first sip was mostly hoppy and then all of the sudden it was like "Holy black pepper!" I loved it. While I would not call the black pepper subtle by any means, it also was not overwhelming.  I feel like the other flavors in the beer balanced the pepper out a bit, but still allowed that taste to come through.  While I really enjoyed this brew--I can imagine it might be love it or hate it. Regardless of that though--I would recommend at least giving it a try.

Furthermore has some other great brews I am looking forward to trying. I highly recommend giving their beers a try!

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