Friday, April 29, 2011

Kitchen tools that I love!

Every cook has a few kitchen gadgets they just cannot live without.  I can't wait to have a kitchen that is bigger so I can have all the gadgets I want.  In the meantime, my favorite tools tend to be the ones that have multiple purposes because of my small space.  A good gadget should also save time rather than waste time.  For this reason, I have tossed things like my veggie chopper because it is a total pain to put together and to clean.  Here some of my favorite kitchen tools:
Microplane-- I love this tool.  I use it for zesting lemons, limes and oranges and also for grading small amounts of cheese.  It is small, does not take up a lot of room and it easy to clean.
Over-the-Sink Strainer--  What a great invention! This basket is great for straining pasta or cleaning vegetables over the sink.  What did I do without it?
Kitchen scissors-- This might seem like a no-brainer, but I find it essential to keep a pair of scissors in the kitchen.  They are great for cutting bacon, herbs, and certain veggies.  This scissors have to remain in the kitchen though. You do not want them used for anything other than cutting food.
High-carbon stainless steel knife--  I would LOVE a set of gorgeous German knives, but they are pretty expensive, so such a purchase must wait.  In the meantime, I get by with this great knife that is durable, low-maintenance and great for chopping veggies.
Slow Cooker-- This winter I have learned to make some really tasty food in this thing, and I don't know what I did without it! Nothing like coming home to a delicious dinner already done.
Food Processor-- I am the lucky recipient of my cousin's hand-me-down (in near perfect conditioner) Cuisinart food processor.  I love it! It makes chopping and blending things a breeze.
Pyrex liquid measuring cup-- This might seem like a no-brainer, but I cannot emphasize its utility enough.  Do not cheap out and buy a plastic one because they are not nearly as nice, they do not clean as well, and the Pyrex just does much better with hot liquids.
Measuring boats-- I don't know what else to call these, but I love them! They are in the lower left hand corner and the big one is 2 oz and the little one is 1 oz. They have tablespoon and teaspoon markings along each side. I find them extremely convenient for measuring small amounts of liquid. 
Herb mincer-- I was not convinced I needed this, but the price was right and it sounded like a good idea. I thought it would be hard to clean, but it is really really easy and it is a great way to chop up herbs quickly. Love it!

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