Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bright Ideas with Chef Isaac Becker

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending an MPR live audience event with Isaac Becker.  In case you don't know who Isaac Becker is, he is the co-owner of Bar La Grassa and 112 Eatery and is the 2010 James Beard winner for best chef in the Midwest. 

I love both Bar La Grassa and 112 Eatery and was very excited to hear from the chef behind the delicious food.  It is safe to say that the interview was not exactly what I expected.  Isaac Becker is very Minnesotan. He does not seem to have an ego and was very unassuming.  I do not doubt he was a bit nervous and maybe not completely comfortable with being interviewed for an hour.  I can't say I blame him for that!

My favorite part of the interview was when his wife and business partner, Nancy St. Pierre joined the conversation.  She manages the "front end" of the restaurants.  I really loved hearing them talk about running a family business--something I can more than identify with given that I grew up with parents running a business in the hospitality industry.  

Anyways--the interview will be aired on MPR, Thursday at 12 PM, so I won't tell you anything more, except for the fact that I left MPR headquarters craving a plate of cauliflower gnocchi and planning on trying to recreate it!

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