Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Product Recommendation: Luna Bars

There are a few food products I cannot live without and one of those products is Luna bars.  I have never been very good at eating breakfast.  I have other priorities in the morning, such as laying in bed until the last possible moment.  However, breakfast truly is important.  It gets your metabolism going and gives your brain the food it needs to actually function. I found the best way to make sure I started my day with a healthy breakfast was to make it as convenient as possible. 

I tried several different protein bars (protein is good, it sticks with you longer) including Clif, Zone, and Special K.  The Clif ones are okay, but I think they give me more than I actually need and they feel like they are meant for someone who is incredibly active.  The Zone ones were also okay--but I would buy them in bulk at Costco and I got really sick of the two flavors. I also looked at the ingredient list and was kind of horrified by all of the additives.  The Special K bars are good, but I would be hungry pretty quickly after. 

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In come Luna bars.  There are a ton of different flavors (16 or 17)--my favorites are Lemon and Blueberry Bliss.  They are the perfect size and maybe this is just a marketing gimmick--but they are nutritionally balanced just for women. They are also 70% organic and are not made with any genetically modified ingredients.  Awesome! A package of 6 is on sale this week at Target for $5.  I recommend that you pick some up.

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