Friday, September 9, 2011

Lund's/Byerly's BOGO Sale

This week (9/8-9/15) it is Lund's Buy One, Get One Free sale. I love this semi-annual sale and use it to stock my freezer.  I managed to get (2) two-pound pork tenderloin roasts, 8 boneless pork chops, two pounds of ground turkey, two containers of cottage cheese, two huge jars of pickles, and two fantastic looking asparagus bunches (I know it is a spring veggie, but I couldn't resist!) all for $40. 

My vegetarian roommate is probably worried I will break out in meat sweats after my trip to Lund's today, but I do freeze it and use it through the fall.  More than likely you will see a couple crock pot recipes featuring the pork tenderloin.

Anyways--if you are in the Twin Cities definitely check out this sale.  There are lots of different items at a pretty decent price. 

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