Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dilled Cucumber Tomato Salad

It is that time of year and cucumbers and dill are in abundance.  If you have been reading for awhile, you might remember my recipe for cucumber salad. I make it all the time and while it is healthy, refreshing and delicious, change is good.  I used Foodily to find a recipe that would allow me to use the massive amount of dill and cucumbers that are residing in my fridge.  I found this.  It was definitely good and I will probably make it again.  The recipe called for red onions which I did not have and also for vegetable oil.  I always use olive oil in place of vegetable because it tastes better and it is healthier for you. 

1 1/2 English cumcumbers, cut in half then sliced
2 Roma tomatoes cut into chunks
1/3 cup chopped red onion

1/4 cup of cider vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbs of EVOO
2 tsp of chopped dill
1/4 cup chopped red onion
salt & pepper to taste

1) In a small bowl, mix the dressing. Make sure to mix well so the sugar is dissolved. 
2) Put your chopped veggies in a medium size bowl and drizzle the dressing over them, tossing them well so all the veggies are coated. 
3) Cover and place in the fridge 30 minutes before serving. 

*This recipe can be made a day ahead of time. I personally love the sweet & sour taste the veggies get while marinating in the dressing overnight.
*Next time I make this I will probably use 1/2 tsp of Truvia just to cut calories and see how it changes the taste


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