Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinner in 10 Minutes: Turkey Burgers with Salsa Verde

This summer, I have eaten a lot of turkey burgers.  I buy them from Costco in bulk.  The patties are 1/3 lb. made of all white meat and you throw the frozen patties on a George Foreman grill and they are done in 7 minutes.  Really convenient since I am famous for forgetting to thaw meat. 

Anyways, the one thing I don't like about the pre-made frozen patties is I can't add much to the meat--you might remember my turkey salsa burgers from last summer.  However, I found a solution.  Right before I added the cheese, with about a minute and a half left on the grill,  I poured a bit of salsa verde on the burger and put the cheese over it.  I held the top of the George Foreman grill over the burger so the cheese could melt.  It was delicious and really easy.  You could try it with just about any kind of salsa or maybe even a barbecue sauce.  Serve these with some steam-in-the-bag veggies and you have a really quick and healthy dinner.  You can also buy the pre-made frozen turkey patties in just about any grocery store.

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